Our mission

To reach people’s lives in every area and every subcontinent of India by 2016.

Core goals

  • Selling through virtuous channel and help distributors grow.

  • Keep our quality and packaging standard above the market scenario.

  • Keep our clients and doctors always fully informed about new products.

  • Bring you top quality innovative imported pharmaceutical products.

  • Spread our horizons beyond Asia.

Our experience

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: 25 Years
All India Presence: 15 Years
Exports: 5 Years
Generics: 2 Years

What we are good at

Now in 2016, it’s been 24 glorious years of working in pharmaceutical industry in India, and Shinto Group expresses its gratitude towards all its associates and distributors. Thankfully now Shinto products are available in all states of India. According to recent audit, the group recorded 1200+ ongoing production products with reaching presence in arenas of cosmetology, nutraceutical and vaccines.


Our various divisions:
• Shinto Organics (P) Limited (Our Multispeciality Division)
• Bioceutics INC (Our Multispeciality Division)
• TNT Life Sciences (Our Multispeciality Division)
• Gross Klin Lifecare (Our Ethical Division)
• Carlton Dermatology (Our Dermatology Division)
• Shinto Care Herbals (Our Herbal Division)


Shinto Group has spread its wings to South Pacific Asia and Eastern Africa and we continue to expand our reach to various horizons and providing excellent customer support


Shinto provides extensive and vastly useful product training services which have been developed solely to ensure the information shared with consumers is scientifically correct, easy to comprehend, helpful in treating their health issues and up to the mark of industry standards, law and regulation.


Patients are required to make the best choices in medicines in order to fulfill the best health outcome. It is necessary, for both the patient and the health care professional, to be fully aware of all the range of options available at disposal for treatment, as well as the benefits or risks that might accompany with it. Shinto’s Ethical Division takes care of all your health needs responsibly. Shinto is a name that physicians trust as the company always has the patient’s best interests at heart.



Shinto group is on its way to excellence by constantly innovating and improving in all business endeavors undertaken yet. The strategy is to encourage new ideas, explore new avenues of health care and provide cardinal and affordable health care solutions those are trusted by customers and professionals alike. The organization also focuses on building long term partnerships based on mutual benefit and commitment.


We introduce Shinto as one of the leading and empowered pharmaceutical organizations in India which is based primarily at Panchkula (Haryana) and aims at widening it’s horizons to reach maximum client base. The organization is striving to target a wider customer base and widen its services and product reach in near future.



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